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Editor’s Choice 56:3 – Evaluating syndromic surveillance of wildlife disease outbreaks

For issue 56:3’s Editor’s Choice, Associate Editor Silke Bauer explains why Wolf et al.’s model for syndromic surveillance presents an important first step in supporting park managers to better understand and manage wildlife diseases. The selected Editor’s Choice article is Optimizing syndromic health surveillance in free-ranging great apes: The case of Gombe National Park by […]
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Rewilding in Britain: a case study

Over the past few weeks, The Applied Ecologist’s Blog and Relational Thinking have been exploring the hot topic of rewilding from a number of different interdisciplinary and management angles.  Now Sophie Wynne-Jones and Chris Sandom turn their focus to the UK as a, perhaps unexpected, example of where rewilding has grown. If you ask someone […]
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Ecological Succession in a Changing World

Cynthia Chang and Ben Turner are the guest editors for our latest special feature: Ecological Succession in a Changing World. Cynthia and Ben tell us more about their special feature and the inspiration behind it, below.  There is no doubt that succession is a foundation of ecology. However, when ecologists talk about succession, it often…
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Ecological Inspirations: Crystal McMichael

Crystal McMichael is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecosystem and Landscape Dynamics at the University of Amsterdam. Her research interests are focused on assessing long-term (100s to 1000s of years) ecological processes in tropical ecosystems, and how distributions of species (including people) have changed over those time scales. Crystal is particularly interested in how tropical…
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SIBECOL: A new Iberian Ecological Society is born!

          SIBECOL 2019: the 1st Iberian Ecological Society Meeting Earlier in February in sunny Barcelona more than 700 Ecologists gathered to celebrate the First Iberian Ecological Society meeting.  This is a great achievement for science at large, as more than ever we need strong societies that can catalyze high-level research and help…
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We must pay attention to Co2 emission from transportation and every other habit ingrained in our daily lifes, look at things through the lenses of the impact that each action has on the climate and the ecosystem. No behavoiur is invonsequential, no matter how tiny we perceive to be our influence in the mass of society.


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